Meet Aimee

I’m so glad you came to visit my blog.  I am Aimee Losee and I live in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or what is more commonly known as "Mormons".  I feel that my faith is what truly defines who I am.  

 I have a strong testimony in my faith and love sharing my thoughts and testimony with others. I have been blessed to serve in multiple callings in Primary, Relief Society, and Young Women's.  

I started this blog on November 26th of 2012.  When I started this blog it seemed as though I was being surrounded my negative influences.  I quickly came to realize that I was allowing those influences to be a part of my life, or that I was creating some of that negativity.  When I came to this realization, I decided that I needed to change it, that no one else could.  So I did. I took that step.  I find that the best way for me to contemplate and to have a release of pent up frustration is to write.  So I went to my computer and typed all that I was feeling.  The more I typed the more I found that it was turning from negativity into seeing all of the things that I have been blessed with.  And so I started this blog.  We all have been blessed with much and the Lord desires to bless us with more if we are willing to receive his blessings.  I know this to be true.  Our Heavenly Father loves us.  We are his children and he desires us to be happy.

Through life's ups and downs I have decided to try to look for the good and continually have gratitude in my heart for all that I have been given.  Our time is precious and shouldn't be wasted on the negative things that try to bombard us every day.  I am learning that when I turn to the Lord I become humbled, my burdens become lighter and my spirit is lifted.   You can find my first blog post with more details for why I started this blog can be found here.

I have found that blogging has helped me in so many ways.  Mostly I have been motivated to develop my talents.  It wasn’t too many years ago that I didn’t view myself as being very talented.  I knew that I must have talents, but I couldn’t figure out what they were.  I was constantly comparing myself to others, which of course leads to self-criticism.  I felt like the odd ball in my family because I come from a long line of talent.  My Grandma on my Mom’s side was the icing of talent in our family.  She was artistic in every way you could think of and she blessed so many lives with her talents.  I have since discovered that I am very talented in many ways.  I have been blessed by being surrounded by wonderful people who continually encourage, uplift and inspire me.

Moving to Ohio has seemed to awaken the creative side of me.  I love sewing and crafting.  I tend to work on several projects at once.  I have come to realize recently that maybe I should finish a project before starting a new one, but then I see a pattern or tutorial and I can't control myself.  I'm tearing out my supplies and cutting material while my other projects are still piled high on my sewing table.  Needless to say, my craft room is just a bit chaotic.

I am a great lover of Pinterest and people’s blogs.  There is so much creativity out there that I am able to feed off of.  Check out the list of some of my favorite blogs on my home page.  If you have a blog I’d love to know.  Please share in the comments.  I’m continually looking for new inspirations.

My blog is filled with my personal thoughts, beliefs, ideas and ideas of others that have inspired me.  I love to create and share what I have made.   The feeling of accomplishing something is thrilling.  I get so excited when I have finally gotten something down.  There have been numerous items that I have had to tweak and re-tweak numerous times before I’m finally happy with the result.  My kids love it because they get all my tweaks
You will find on my blog lots of craft ideas, recipes and pintables’.  I love to hear from my readers.  You can leave a comment on any of my posts or you can email me any time.

Thank you again for visiting my blog.  It is my wish for you that you too will continue to find your inspirations and share that you can inspire those around you.
My Beautiful girls and Handsome sons.  We are sitting in front of the LDS Ogden Temple just after Steven and I with our 3 younger girls were sealed  as an eternal family.