Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Second Round Was A Go!

My white blood cells were back up so I was able to go ahead with my chemo yesterday.  I was relieved that I didn't have to get the shot that I have been told will make my bones ache, yet it would stimulate my bone marrow to produce my white blood cells.   That being said, I was happy to not have to do that.

My son Alex took me to chemo.  I enjoyed spending time with him and I hope he enjoyed it although it took longer than usual.

All went well during the actual chemo.  No real side effects other than to the steroids.  It was good to have Alex to drive home.  He was also a great help in getting my youngest Brianna to a birthday party and picking her up later.

This round seemed to be harder on me last night.  I had the usual head ache, but the nausea was the worst.  The patch they gave me seemed to be doing very little so I got out the dreaded Compazine (which is a sedative) and started taking it.  I also took more Zofran.  I only threw up twice and was able to keep the rest down.

I also got to speak with an old friend who is big into the doTerra Essential Oil's. She sent me several samples that she thought would help me.  I used a few of them last night.  I'm hoping with use I will see some benefit.

Julie Cummings brought the kids pizza which the truly enjoyed.  I wish I could have but I know I wouldn't have been able to keep it down.  My number one priority is drinking.  I sipped water all night and continue to do so.  Alex made me so scrambled eggs this morning.  He has been a huge help, especially since Steven got sent out of town for a few days.

All in all I think I'll get through this week.  I already feel better than I did last night.

I'm getting tired and ready to lie down again so going to cut this short.  I truly appreciate all the love and prayers.  I really need them.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Bye Bye Hair

I think I jinxed myself when I wrote my last post.  My hair started coming out in clumps last night.  This morning quite a bit more came out in the shower.  So I asked Steven how the girls felt about cutting my hair this morning.  Brianna was over the moon excited.  She got ready faster than I have ever seen her for school so she could help.  Ally had no interest in helping.

We rolled up the rug in the kitchen and I sat in the chair, giving free reign to Brianna and Steven.  They did a pretty good job with the whole of it.  Brianna really enjoyed herself and we got a kick out of her excitement.  Me?  I think I'm okay.  It looks like I have a five o'clock shadow on my head.

I tried out one of my new scarves and have to say I looked pretty good.  Steven and I then headed out to my one appointment for today (prosthesis fitting).  After being outside I quickly realized that a scarf was not going to cut it alone.  My head was freezing.  So after my appointment we headed to the shop at the cancer center where I get my chemo.  We bought me a turban and a hat.  My head was quite warm after that.

Overall Steven and I have had a good day.  Here's some pictures of my new head gear.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Number One Down

Well I made it through my first round of chemo.  It was definitely not what I expected and I found myself unprepared for the reality of it.

I did a lot of reading up on chemo side effects and on what to expect.  My wonderful nurse also tried to help prepare me for it.  So when my first side effect came I was baffled and confused.  I didn't read anywhere about a blinding headache.  It hurt so bad to move my head or lift my eyelids.  Poor Steven felt so helpless because all he could do is tell me he loved me from afar.  (He was in his isolation status for his Thyroid Cancer and was Radioactive.)  He did call our home teacher and asked if he could come give me a blessing.  Our wonderful home teacher and our wonderful bishop came over not long after.  I felt guilty for laying down while they gave me a blessing, but I didn't have the strength to get up.

I was given two nausea prescriptions to help me after chemo.  I asked the nurse how I should take them.  She told me I could take them intermittently or take them both at the same time.  I decided to take them at the same time every six hours as directed so as not to get confused.  I later learned that one of the nausea pills I was taking every six hours is a sedative.  I was so out of it that I did not eat or drink as I should have.  I did try.  I just had no appetite and my acid reflux was so bad that drinking water seemed to make it worse.  So I did Popsicles.

Long story short.  I ended up dehydrated and going into the emergency room on Thursday.  They kept me overnight and I was able to go home the next morning feeling tons better.  The next several days my energy level increased and so did my appetite.

This week has been great.  Other than getting tired often I have felt mostly normal.  I was told to expect to have my hair start falling out around day fourteen after the chemo.  I am now on day 11 and every little tingle on my head makes me aware of what is to come very soon.  My youngest, Brianna is pretty excited to be able to help cut all my hair off when it is time.  I'm glad someone will get some joy out of it.  I have to keep telling myself it is only hair and it will grow back.

One side effect that is becoming more and more distressing to me is that food does not taste the same.  I will crave something that I know I like only to have it, finding it doesn't taste good.  Everything is bland.  It's like there is wax over my tongue.  I have found that frozen yogurt is the exception.  I still love that.

I want everyone to know how grateful both my husband and I are to all of you.  The continued acts of service and the continued prayers are indeed felt.  I have found myself overwhelmed by the love I have felt from so many.  I have been contemplating how we are our Saviors hands.  We are the angles he sends to answer our prayers.  Because of the love you so willingly give I can feel my Savior's love for me.  Thank you.