Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What do we know about the nature of the Godhead Power Point Presentation

This year in our Young Women's program we have a new theme that I absolutely love.  It is "Come Unto Christ".  I am loving all of the awesome sites out there that share such great ideas to go along with this years theme.  I have been able to utilize many of the posts shared by other bloggers and I am so grateful for the ideas and insights.  For this lesson on "What do we know about the nature of the Godhead?", I chose to make a power point due to the lack of ink in my printer.  I know...sad right?  What happened to good old pen and paper?  Well I guess I have gotten pretty lazy with all of today's wonderful technology.  Plus when I got started making this power point I found I was having a lot of fun.  I will have to control myself in the future to not do all of my lessons on power point.  
I wanted to share this power point with anyone who would like to use it, so feel free to copy it to your computer for your personal or classroom use.  
I know with this months topic on the Godhead I have been learning quite a bit.  This week I have been going over the materials from Come, Follow Me 's lesson on What are the roles of the Holy Ghost.  I absolutely love the talks by Craig C. Christensen and Boyd K. Packer. I am so grateful for their testimonies and how it has strengthened mine.