Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I used to believe that I didn’t have any meaningful talents.  My drawings are pathetic, (ask anyone who has played Pictionary with me.)  I am not a good singer or piano player and I have no rhythm for dancing.   

Since that time I have learned that talents come in many different forms and that I am very talented.  In my old ward (in our church we are divided into what is called wards which is determined by where you live) we held an annual talent show.  The first year I did not bring anything to show my talents.  The next year I made a tasty treat to share as my talent.  

We are new to Vincent, Ohio which is in the Marietta Ward.  About a month after we moved here our ward held their annual Ward Talent Show.  I brought some of my hair bows that I have made and also the 2 pillow case dresses I had made this summer.  I am not a good sewer but I am very proud of my pillow case dresses.  I also had learned how to make my first hair bow by a friend and sister in my old ward.  I became addicted to making hair bows and started to explore all the different types I could make.  Needless to say my girls have no shortage of hair bows. 

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, in the “Happiness, Your Heritage,” Nov. 2008 general conference said;

“Creation brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment. We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganized matter into our hands and mold it into something of beauty. …”
I love to take unorganized matter as you would call it and make it into something beautiful whether it is tasty treats or beautiful hair bows.  I am also molding my daughters into the mothers, wives and women of God that they have the potential to be. 

I have learned that talents are not just what we can do with our hands, but spiritual talents and mental talents as well.  As a mother I am continually praying for patience and understanding.  These are talents that I am developing to become a better mother to my precious daughters and a better wife to my eternal companion.  Although I have my hobbies that I really enjoy, I know that the most important talents I can develop is what will mold me into what my Father in Heaven would have me be, and I feel at this time my calling is to be a wife and a mother. 

I am so grateful for talents.  I know that we all have them and they are all extraordinary.  What talents do you have and how did you discover those talents?  Did you come by that talent naturally or did you work hard at developing that talent?  The Lord has blessed us with talents and we are expected to use them for the better of others.  Like in the parable of the talents we can either put to work what we have been given or we will lose it. 

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