Friday, February 6, 2015

Bye Bye Hair

I think I jinxed myself when I wrote my last post.  My hair started coming out in clumps last night.  This morning quite a bit more came out in the shower.  So I asked Steven how the girls felt about cutting my hair this morning.  Brianna was over the moon excited.  She got ready faster than I have ever seen her for school so she could help.  Ally had no interest in helping.

We rolled up the rug in the kitchen and I sat in the chair, giving free reign to Brianna and Steven.  They did a pretty good job with the whole of it.  Brianna really enjoyed herself and we got a kick out of her excitement.  Me?  I think I'm okay.  It looks like I have a five o'clock shadow on my head.

I tried out one of my new scarves and have to say I looked pretty good.  Steven and I then headed out to my one appointment for today (prosthesis fitting).  After being outside I quickly realized that a scarf was not going to cut it alone.  My head was freezing.  So after my appointment we headed to the shop at the cancer center where I get my chemo.  We bought me a turban and a hat.  My head was quite warm after that.

Overall Steven and I have had a good day.  Here's some pictures of my new head gear.

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Debra Teaman said...

You look great!!! Your smile is radiant!!! Love you Aimee!!!!