Monday, April 28, 2014

Toilet Paper Holder

I was looking at toilet paper holders at the local store and they are pretty expensive.  An old friend of mine used to make her own using old coffee cans and material, so I thought I would make a go of it.  I don't drink coffee so of coarse I have no old coffee cans, but I do have lots of food storage and much of that comes in the same size cans.  (#10 size.)
So I found a few (3 is what you need) that were already open and emptied the contents into another container.  Wala!  Empty cans!  Next I cleaned them and took the bottom off of two of them with my can opener.  I saved one of the bottoms for making the lid of my toilet paper holder.  I like my pampered chef can opener because it doesn't leave sharp edges.  I then got out my duct tape and taped the cans together with the one that still has the bottom on the bottom.  I wrapped it clear around to make sure it was secure.  I then found the material I wanted to use and cut it just a bit bigger than my toilet paper holder.  Using my hot glue gun (you can also use spray adhesive or whatever else you prefer, but hot glue is what I had on hand) I glued my material to the cans.  I folded over the edge and glued that down making for a clean end.
I then glued the bottom material over on the bottom. 
 I tucked the top into the inside nice and neat gluing that down.
  I then made my lid by cutting out a circle a little larger than the top.  I glued that down on top then pulled it over to the other side gluing it down.  I then went to home depot and bought a cheep knob and attached it.  It came with two different size screws but they were both too long.  I found one I had on hand a little shorter, but still too long so I improvised using some discs I had left over from another project.  It turned out perfect.  
I then made a cute wall quilt to go with my toilet paper holder.

And that was it.  Easy Peasy, and very cheap!  Just how I like it.

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