Sunday, June 8, 2014

My (almost) Finished Paper Bag Smash Book

Yes, I did it.  I made my own Paper Bag Smash Book!

At a "get ready for Girls Camp" meeting with my cohort for the 3rd years a few weeks ago, we were busy trying to come up with ideas for . . . you guessed it,  "Girls Camp."  One of the ideas that my cohort brought to the table was Paper Bag Journals for the girls.  Paper Bag Journals?  Now not knowing anything about paper bag journals, that was my reaction.  Well it was more like "really?"  But outside I was all for it.  
Later at home I decided to find out what a paper bag journal was, so I headed for my all favorite "Pinterest."  I found all kinds of paper bag journals on there, but all the ones I liked didn't have any kind of tutorials, just pictures.  So I ended up googling "how to make a paper bag journal" and found this awesome Youtube video (well it's actually split into 3 videos) with step by step instructions on how to make your own Paper Bag Journal.  While watching the video I proceeded to make my own.  
I didn't have any double stick tape so I used a glue stick.  Well that just took forever and was a mess, so I ran (drove) to the store and got me some double stick tape at Joann's in the scrapbooking section.  And yes, I had my 40% off coupon.  I have now almost completed my very own Paper Bag Journal, which I have renamed "Smash Book" because I think that it sounds way more cool.  
One of the coolest features of the Paper Bag Smash Book (Journal) is all the pockets.  There's multiple pockets on every page, so the girls have places to put their mementos.  I do however need some more ideas on what to do in the pages, so it's not quite completed.  If you have any I'd love to hear them.  I was thinking a page for the hike and one for the devotionals.  That's two down.   
So here's my pictures of my completed "Smash Book" plus the link for those awesome Youtube tutorials.  Here is part 1 of the Paper Bag Journal Tutorial.

Front Cover
Our Camp theme for this year is C.O.M.E. 
Covenants, Obey, Minister and Endure
Inside front cover with a pull out card for the girls to write their testimony of the Savior on.
Another page with Scripture Insert
Back Cover with this years Young Women Theme
"Come Unto Christ"

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