Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Today was the fun adventure of the awake and aware surgery.  Well it really isn’t as bad as it sounds.  But this is the attitude I went in with.  For chemotherapy I have to have a Mediport, so that is what I had put in this morning.  The port looks like this.

This is attached to my chest wall and under my collar bone, then the tube is attached to a main vein that goes to my heart.  All of my blood draws, and IVs (including my chemo) will be done through this.  I am told that chemo is hard on your veins so this is the best way.  I have to say that I'm glad that they don't have to poke around anymore looking for a usable vein in my left arm.  My right arm with all the good veins is off limits due to the lymph node dissection.  

This morning Steven and I had to get up at the wee hour of 4:30.  I had to be at the hospital at 6.  So of course I woke up at 3.  Steven enjoyed a fragrant cup of hot apple cider in the truck while I was not able to even drink water.  But I didn't complain.  

When we got to the hospital, at 5:30 (we didn't take into consideration that there is absolutely no traffic at that hour).  We were taken back to the DIR a little before 6.  They then drew some blood and looked at my left arm for any usable veins for an IV.  Of course the nurse couldn't find one so they called for the IV team.  I'm glad they did because that wonderful lady got it in the first poke.  I then sat until just after 8 when I was taken to the operating room.  This is usually the point when I fall asleep.  Most of my surgeries in the past I cannot ever remember actually going into the operating room because I would fall asleep before we got there.  Unfortunately this was not the case this time.  

When in the operating room I was moved to the surgical table and they gave me more blankets.  I then had the pressure cuff added to my left arm, the oxygen thingy put on one of my right fingers, lots of stickies with wires put on my chest, sides and stomach, and oxygen put up my nose.  The nurses then proceeded to prep everything else which took what seemed a very long time.  They then called the doctor back and started preparing me.  They cleaned the area then placed folded up surgical towels all around the area.  They then put a tent over my head.  The whole time I laid there I kept waiting for the sedation.  I wanted to beg them to just knock me out.  I did not want to be awake for this.  The doctor asked me if I was feeling drowsy.  I told him I wasn't, so they gave me more sedation.  He then started the numbing shots and I said ouch. So they kindly gave me more sedation.  After this all I felt was a lot of pressure.  I had worked myself up so much while waiting for it to start.  I was so relieved to find that it was just as the doctor said it would be.  I only felt pressure, no pain.  I soon was able to relax while the doctor proceeded inserting my port.  

After 2 more hours at the hospital I was able to go home and take a very long needed nap.  

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