Friday, January 23, 2015

Port Troubles

It's been 3 days since I've had my port put in.  It has been red around the port site since I've come home, but I assumed it was bruising.  Yesterday I took off the clear plastic tape that was over both incision sites.  The skin felt as though it was on fire as I removed it.  I was concerned and had Steven look at it.  We decided to see if it would go away.  Today I noticed small white puss dots all over the site.  I decided to go to my doctor and have it looked at.  Apparently I had some kind of allergic reaction to either the tape or the cleaning medicine they used during the surgery.  Luckily it's just the skin that is infected.  I got an antibiotic injection while at the doctors and they sent me home with more antibiotics that I have to take for 7 days.

I'm really hoping that the infection is cleared up before Monday.  If there is any sign of infection around my port site they won't use it and I will have to get my chemo through an IV.  I was really looking forward to no more pokes for awhile. So please pray for me that this will be cleared up.

Steven came home late this afternoon after receiving his radiation.  He is now radioactive.  Brianna had a really hard time even after we tried to prepare her. She really wanted a hug from her daddy.   Daddy gives the best hugs so I know how she feels.

On a happy note.  We now officially have reservations for this summer at a KOA in Palmyra, NY.  My family is coming out from Utah and we are all going to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant.  I'm pretty excited about this trip, especially since this will be the first summer we won't be able to go to Utah for our yearly visit.

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Cheryl Merrill said...

Wow Aimee, you are really getting some experience aren't you? Love and prayers!