Sunday, January 5, 2014

DIY Christmas Gifts

I had so much fun making these things for my family this year.  I have listed a link to some great tutorials.  I would love to hear from you and how you did with your projects.  Have Fun!

Cosmetic bags 

I included some lip gloss, mascara and eye shadow in these bags.  The perfect gift for the teen or pre-teen in your home.  Here is the link for the tutorial.

IPhone/IPod Case

There are lots of different tutorials that you can find on Pinterest to make these.


Reversible Bag and Coin Purse

Brianna’s cute little jean purse with a coin purse included.  She got money from her Grandma and Grandpa Losee and was excited to have a place to put it. 
Here is the link to the tutorial for the reversible bag


Tooth Fairy Pillow

She has been wanting a tooth fairy pillow for some time and so I bought a tooth fairy embroidery pattern, found a cute little poem online and wa-la.  An adorable pillow that she absolutely loves.

Notebook covers 

You can even put your tablet in it if you wish.  The girls really liked these.  I made Brianna something a little bit different.  Hers holds a coloring book and has pockets for her crayons.  Here is the link for the notebook covers.

Framed Magnetic Boards 

I made these covering a sheet of galvanized metal that you find in the plumbing section at your hardware store.  I got mine at home depot.  I cut it to fit the frames I had and covered it with fabric.  I also covered the frame with fabric using spray adhesive and hot glue.  I then lined the inside of the frame using ribbon and added some embellishments.  I used buttons for the magnets.  I just snipped off the back of the button and hot glued the magnets to them.  I made these for the older girls.

Value Block

I made this with some wood I had out in the garage.  The wood was actually from some an old broken bed frame so the cost was minimal.  I printed this picture that I found online, mod-podged scrapbook paper to all four sides of the wood then mod-podged the picture to it.  I then added ribbon for hanging. I  made one for each of my two older girls.  

Here is the picture that I used.  This would make a great gift for your Young Women. 

Here are some other gifts I made this year. My mom made some beautiful skirts for all of her granddaughters.   I made my parents and my in-laws a quilted table runner. 

I have loved getting creative this year.  I have been experimenting these last few days with some bags.  I gave the smaller one to Katie who is using it as her scripture bag.  It’s perfect for putting not only her scriptures in but she can put her journal in it as well as her Faith in God book.  She was pretty excited to take it to church today. 

I am so grateful for the ability I have been blessed with to be able to do these things for my family and friends.  I am grateful that we are able to discover and develop our talents.  I am so grateful for this Christmas season.  I have felt closer to my family and I have felt closer to my Savior.  I am so grateful to a loving Father in Heaven who sent his only begotten Son here to earth.  King of Kings he was born in a lowly stable.  He lived, he died for us and he took up his body again that we too may live again. I know that he lives today.  I know this because of the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I pray that you all have had a wonderful Christmas season and that this New Year will be full of joy.

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