Thursday, February 13, 2014

Story of a Quilt

I found this really cute Jelly Roll at Joann's and had to get it.  I had my coupon which helped with the purchasing desicion.  Taking home my treasure I set it down trying to think what to do with it.  So I went where I always go to be inspired (or as you may say, find a pattern).  The internet.  I found this awesome site called the Jolly Gabber that sells some beautiful fabric as well as having some great tutorials.  Doesn't the name Jolly Gabber sound catchy?  I love it!   Here is the site if you would like to check it out.  One of those tutorials just happens to be the Jelly Roll Jam.  Are you getting hungry?  I know I was licking my lips.  Well I printed up the pattern and watched the instructional video.  I then commenced to my sewing room and put together my own.

After finishing the project I took a look at the result.  It's too small.  I want it to be twin size to go on my youngest daughters bed.  The size you are looking for in a twin is at least 72" x 108".  Even adding my boarders it wasn't going to reach anywhere near those dimensions.  So off I went and got another Jelly Roll.  Still too small.  I need 2 more squares.  So today I am off to buy me yet another Jelly Roll.  I printed off my coupon for 40% off and I'm prepared.  I bought some other fabric for the boarder and can't wait till it's time to add it.  Here is the quilt with just one Jelly Roll.  I'm hoping to have the top done this weekend.  Wish me luck.

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