Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tower of Flour (Babel) Mutual Activity

Our awesome Young Women’s president came up with an activity that I think was one of our favorites this year.  The Tower of Flour.  She tied a lesson into this activity about the Tower of Babel and how the people at that time chose the wrong way to try to get up to heaven, and how we need to “Come unto Christ” to be able to be with him again.  We then played this way fun game with the flour.
How to play

First you stack flour into a bowl of whatever size you are wanting your tower to be.  We just used small mixing bowls.
Next turn the bowl over onto the table and remove the bowl off of the tower.
Then set something small (we used chocolate chips) in the center of the tower.
Everyone then takes turn taking slices out of the tower with a butter knife.
Whoever causes the tower to collapse then has to pick out the chocolate chip with their mouth.

As you can see the youth had a blast.

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