Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kitty Drama

Where are you Kitty?

I guess I can say that we have had a few kitty eventful days.  Is that a proper term?  Well if not I am making it one for this post.  We now have three kittens in the house and the girls are overjoyed.  I can attest though that Steven and I are not thrilled about it.

The kitty drama began in earnest several mornings ago with very loud and desperate meowing.  This meowing was coming from directly below our feet, so I knew it was in our crawl space and the only way I knew how to get to it was from outside.  
So out into the bitter cold (which had been in the negatives the last several days), I did venture.  I could see several tracks leading to and from the hole into our crawl space on the side of our house, but I couldn't see any way to get that kitten to come out to me. At a loss of what to do I went into the house and sat.

Rescuing Oreo.

Throughout the day the meowing became louder.  I realized that the meowing was louder towards the garage.  You know where this is leading right?  I got back on my boots and coat and gloves and hat, I grabbed a flash light and headed into the garage.  I stopped and listened.  It was coming from inside the basement which you get to through the garage.  (Now this basement is not like other basements and if you have ever lived in a home that is close to or over 100 years old you know what I am talking about.  It is a bricked dungeon where a fiery furnace and water heater reside.)  I flipped the light in the basement on and the kitten stopped meowing instantly.   

Usually when I go into the basement it is to check the water heater or flip some switches in the fuse box, so I rarely go over to the far side.  On the other side I found that there was another large opening to the crawl space.  I never noticed it before because it had always been covered with a large board that was now laying on the floor. 

There was a large brick close by so I slid it over and positioned it below the crawl space opening, climbed up and peeked in.  It was dark in there even with my flash light shining in.  At this point I was starting to wonder if maybe there were any wild animals that made meowing sounds too, like maybe baby raccoons.  I was expecting one to launch itself at me any moment.  

Well I bravely stood there for several minutes and low and behold the loud meowing resumed.  It wasn't coming from in the crawl space, but from behind me.  I looked behind me and saw nothing.  There are several old boxes laying around in that basement that have probably been there for a century and one had a dead mouse laying on top of it, so you can see that I was not excited about looking through those.  Well I bravely did and low and behold there was a kitten.  

Of course as tenderhearted as I am, I wasn't going to leave it there, I brought it into the house where the two girls that were still awake pounced.  They had it named before I even finished washing my hands.  So we now have a kitten named Oreo.

This was taken minutes after bringing her in.

Rescue of Little Kitty.

Well the Kitten Drama was not over yet.  More meowing.  I thought no problem.  I'll just go move some more boxes.  Nope.  This one was in the crawl space.  So after crawling through the crawl space twice that night with one of my girls, and 3 times the next morning with the same daughter and a few friends, we have a second kitten. 

And no, I don't care how attached the girls get to it.  They are not naming it.  So for now she is known as Little Kitty.

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